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10. Excuse me, I really have to go

09. Excuse me, I really really have to go

08. Excuse me, I really really really have to go

07. Excuse me, I really really really really have to go

06. Excuse me, I really really really really really have to go

05. Excuse me, I really really really really really really have to go

04. Excuse me, I really really really really really really really have to go

03. Excuse me, I really really really really really really really really have to go

02. Excuse me, I really really really really really really really really really have to go

01. Excuse me, I really really really really really really really really really really have to go

P.  go

11/20/2018  C. Mehrl Bennett



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paisley bow tie.jpg(Revised excerpt from Ringer One 2015)

Paisley bow tie on foot –
Where is your Before Shrieker?

Inside a box under the BIG TOE

BIG TOE – Who’s your worldly
Wizened Anguished Pal?

A hip duck diode with no
Duck to paddle to the other
Side of the sandbox where
A dead dog lies

– CMB –


Recipe for The End of The World



A head in a cage

Cash on bread

Masses of hair on salami toilet rolls


A crying turtle

Ducks in jeans and boots

A stuffed child bobble-head


An apple of bone

Hairy eyes

A video camera in a white nightdress


Rock phone

Teeth sandals

His nose vegetation


Empty magazines

An elephant of gray rock

The sweat of an ashtray collection


A galloping horse of water

A hand of mud from the bank

Hands sewn to legs


Also, the rest of her cash, birds, and

The ghost in a brown paper bag

They all lay in pieces at the kitchen table


Indifferently, she stirs it all

Into a pot of boiling water

With the parts of a lot of old lawyers


To season, she adds their last years of childhood,

Sugar, and rose salt

All this leaves a void in her hand bag


(Every feather costs you around

Twenty thousand dollars as a

Whale falls onto the cash register)


She stared out the window

As if her own head were in a cage

Her shadow flat on the kitchen table…


As boiling stew steamed the window

She phoned Manet

On the stomach telephone


A dinner invite ensued in a

Paced, cautious, swollen voice

With her arm stretched out over the bay


Manet came over

Every step taken flaggingly

Thoughts of bacon forming a cloud


Before Manet arrived she felt

The Shadow staring at her

Prone on her bed in a chain-smoking suit


While pushing The Shadow into a closet

Her hand passed through him

Bubbles broke open and words came out


The wardrobe rose up

Impaled by breathless sound

And meaningless words


Upon arrival Manet

Pointed at the hovering wardrobe

And asked “What’s that?”


“The sun,” She replied

And so, Manet munched the sun

And threw up the brain.


Note: Most of these words are bits of selected text from Texas Fontenella, who outlined them on scraps of pages torn from pulp books and mailed them from Australia to C. Mehrl Bennett in Columbus OH USA on 12/01/2017. On 4/09/2018, CMB selected phrases from that envelope (view some from 2nd section of this collaboration in the image below, scanned in order), and she stitched together this collaborative poem (patching in articles here and there), and gave it a title.

On 4/17/2018 she revised this poem & added the image below.










Wally and Wanda

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Wally and Wanda

Day One:

Whistling windows wake Wanda

While whoozy Wally whizzes water


Wanda wonders

Why walruses want waxed walls?

Why wax walls when wine waits?

Walruses wait while Wally waltzes Wanda


Day Two:

Whirling wind wakes Wanda

While whoozy Wally whizzes water


Wanda wonders

Why walruses whine

When Wally winks?

Wine waits while waxed walls wane


Day Three:

Whittling walruses wake Wanda

While whoozy Wally whizzes water


Wanda wonders

Why walruses whittle waxed walls?

Why wank Wally’s willy when wine waits?

Wally wakes when Wanda wanders


Day Four, Five, Six, etc.?

Water will whizz


C. Mehrl Bennett  2/5/2018  [Revised 5/31/2018 to mark the days/daze]

comma fish

In Honor of Insignificance and My Third Eye

(k)Not left shoe or right arm but a finger sent on approval /
Control Your Artifices Transmog Martian Girl /
Old hat, still fluxing Spinga rabbits /
Boiling Bartok with a Radio Foot /
Ask A Cow of an Imaginary Color /
Them Those Hem Hose while Facing East /
Ohio Audio Chat: A Square is A Circle /
Dream Poems of Warhol Wednesdays /
With Woof, A Rose is A Nose /
Asemic Ying Yang and Wiggling Xs go together /
Drunken Spray leads to an eXcess of Lichen Smoke /
On this paper, Rotting Meat of Dangling Fools /
ILL NOISE is Not For Sale /
Make Art, Not Cents, Comma Fish /
The Triumph of Death – Ah Ha, Chicken! /
“I am Not A Tooth”, she said, as we conversed on the Edge of The Universe /

— C. Mehrl Bennett 2017


Dual qua-lia anna estalia quasio rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Deo knee-lia anna estalia quatro rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Finley tu-lia anna estalia qwen roh rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Keno fah-lia dewey estalia quince o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….

Shayno felia dewey estalia stoppa this rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Dewey Stalia quinoa twins go rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Give me DaDa oh kalia kissy my rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Feel no hoolio donna estalia tears for rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….

Who’s your dahlia golly ‘oh booty o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
What’s the folly of donna estalia soup o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnn….
Why’s my hoolio kalia kissing my rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Where’s that anna estalia kilo o’ beer oh rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnn….

Above stanzas translated from LATIN into ENGLISH by GOOGLE TRANSLATOR —

Two-reaching arms of osteoporosis demanded rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
God’s knee-reaching arms osteoporosis four rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Finley art-reaching arms osteoporosis qwen Roh rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Keno fah-reaching Dewey osteoporosis quince O rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn

Shayna felia Dewey osteoporosis stoups this rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Dewey twins go stale husbandry rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Dada give me, oh my kissy Kalia rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Feel no tears for osteoporosis hoolio grant rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn

Who’s your dahlia golly ‘booty oh oh’ rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
What’s the folly of grant osteoporosis soup o ‘rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Kalia’s why my hoolio kissing my rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Where’s that Anna kilo of osteoporosis o ‘beer ….. oh rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn


C. Mehrl Bennett 8/16/2017

animated poemAnimated version on YouTube

YouTube video by Jim Andrews – About the software ‘Alpha Null 3.0’ which he used to create this, Jim says, “The text is Mehrl’s and so is the vispo that fills the text. I created this nib specially for her work.”





Took to

Picking up

Ka Ka …

Ask a cow



Real late in 2016

…possibly midnight,

This buffoon turned into

The opposite essence

of Da Da…

An Orange

Beast Incorporated



Lacking any sense of CAUTION

It increasingly caressed then

Shredded to DEATH

All the kittens, mittens, and

Gloves in the

Wood paneled

Cloak room



All that remains now

In my memory of this

Nightmare is

Little Bo-peep

Wearing a




C Mehrl Bennett 2/13/2017 – 7/24/2017