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Recipe for The End of The World



A head in a cage

Cash on bread

Masses of hair on salami toilet rolls


A crying turtle

Ducks in jeans and boots

A stuffed child bobble-head


An apple of bone

Hairy eyes

A video camera in a white nightdress


Rock phone

Teeth sandals

His nose vegetation


Empty magazines

An elephant of gray rock

The sweat of an ashtray collection


A galloping horse of water

A hand of mud from the bank

Hands sewn to legs


Also, the rest of her cash, birds, and

The ghost in a brown paper bag

They all lay in pieces at the kitchen table


Indifferently, she stirs it all

Into a pot of boiling water

With the parts of a lot of old lawyers


To season, she adds their last years of childhood,

Sugar, and rose salt

All this leaves a void in her hand bag


(Every feather costs you around

Twenty thousand dollars as a

Whale falls onto the cash register)


She stared out the window

As if her own head were in a cage

Her shadow flat on the kitchen table…


As boiling stew steamed the window

She phoned Manet

On the stomach telephone


A dinner invite ensued in a

Paced, cautious, swollen voice

With her arm stretched out over the bay


Manet came over

Every step taken flaggingly

Thoughts of bacon forming a cloud


Before Manet arrived she felt

The Shadow staring at her

Prone on her bed in a chain-smoking suit


While pushing The Shadow into a closet

Her hand passed through him

Bubbles broke open and words came out


The wardrobe rose up

Impaled by breathless sound

And meaningless words


Upon arrival Manet

Pointed at the hovering wardrobe

And asked “What’s that?”


“The sun,” She replied

And so, Manet munched the sun

And threw up the brain.


Note: Most of these words are bits of selected text from Texas Fontenella, who outlined them on scraps of pages torn from pulp books and mailed them from Australia to C. Mehrl Bennett in Columbus OH USA on 12/01/2017. On 4/09/2018, CMB selected phrases from that envelope (view some from 2nd section of this collaboration in the image below, scanned in order), and she stitched together this collaborative poem (patching in articles here and there), and gave it a title.

On 4/17/2018 she revised this poem & added the image below.










Composing words only using letters: n i e z h f p l t s u

What I found:

zip in zen she felt

i feel hip

zine lists fine snips

slit pine tile peel

senile penis hit flies

isle sent file lets

help teens fit the line

he is feet fuzz

pile hen pelt lept

his hell left this

puzzle lit flute pen

hi ’tis shit nuts

tin huts fizz sez she

light bulb sink faucet


August is tomato harvest season, and my niece asked my husband to write down this recipe for tomato sauce because she has an abundant crop of tomatoes.

Since John went through the trouble of typing this up (though he often cooks this a bit differently each time), why not share it with more people? So, for those of you who love cooking with veggies (while drinking wine!), here’s a base recipe (for tomato pasta sauce, tomato pizza sauce, etc.); it can be expanded upon in an infinite no. of ways:

drink some wine

sauté some garlic and onions (and maybe carrots and sweet peppers and celery and eggplant) in good olive oil. 

drink some wine

when transparent, splash in a little red wine to deglaze pan, start adding chopped up or blended tomatoes until pan is full and cook down, add more tomatoes, etc until sauce is almost right consistency

drink some wine

add oregano and basil, some sweet paprika and maybe some black pepper or hot pepper.  add more basil add more garlic.  add olives, capers, artichoke hearts; whatever you want

drink some wine

you can dress this up with sausage or other meat

drink some wine

a secret: add just a tiny pinch of cinnamon when you add the herbs

drink some wine

sauce is best the next day

john m. bennett