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Dual qua-lia anna estalia quasio rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Deo knee-lia anna estalia quatro rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Finley tu-lia anna estalia qwen roh rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Keno fah-lia dewey estalia quince o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….

Shayno felia dewey estalia stoppa this rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Dewey Stalia quinoa twins go rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Give me DaDa oh kalia kissy my rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Feel no hoolio donna estalia tears for rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….

Who’s your dahlia golly ‘oh booty o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
What’s the folly of donna estalia soup o’ rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnn….
Why’s my hoolio kalia kissing my rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnnn….
Where’s that anna estalia kilo o’ beer oh rennnnnn….. rennnnnnnn….. rennnnnnnnnnn….

Above stanzas translated from LATIN into ENGLISH by GOOGLE TRANSLATOR —

Two-reaching arms of osteoporosis demanded rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
God’s knee-reaching arms osteoporosis four rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Finley art-reaching arms osteoporosis qwen Roh rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Keno fah-reaching Dewey osteoporosis quince O rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn

Shayna felia Dewey osteoporosis stoups this rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Dewey twins go stale husbandry rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Dada give me, oh my kissy Kalia rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Feel no tears for osteoporosis hoolio grant rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn

Who’s your dahlia golly ‘booty oh oh’ rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
What’s the folly of grant osteoporosis soup o ‘rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Kalia’s why my hoolio kissing my rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. …. ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn
Where’s that Anna kilo of osteoporosis o ‘beer ….. oh rennnnnn rennnnnnnn ….. rennnnnnnnnnnn


C. Mehrl Bennett 8/16/2017


animated poemAnimated version on YouTube

YouTube video by Jim Andrews – About the software ‘Alpha Null 3.0’ which he used to create this, Jim says, “The text is Mehrl’s and so is the vispo that fills the text. I created this nib specially for her work.”





Took to

Picking up

Ka Ka …

Ask a cow



Real late in 2016

…possibly midnight,

This buffoon turned into

The opposite essence

of Da Da…

An Orange

Beast Incorporated



Lacking any sense of CAUTION

It increasingly caressed then

Shredded to DEATH

All the kittens, mittens, and

Gloves in the

Wood paneled

Cloak room



All that remains now

In my memory of this

Nightmare is

Little Bo-peep

Wearing a




C Mehrl Bennett 2/13/2017 – 7/24/2017

C. Mehrl Bennett squirrel greyed

Squirrels are like rats in that they forage and build nests

However, squirrels live in trees and rats are under foot

               But who am I to judge?


I am just another creature like a squirrel or a rat

We also forage and build out nests, fornicate

               and reproduce, nurture our offspring


As a mere creature of this larger universe

These overhead and underfoot beings

               seem AMAZING to me


Humans, all you seers and thinkers, doers and polluters

Stop and ask: What effect do we have on our environment?

               Left foot, Left an imprint so “what/where is Right?”


C. Mehrl Bennett 2017

Created for the SQUIRREL MAILART CALL, which anyone can send to:

Connie Jean, PO BOX 32032-0381, Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-0381


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String IT

Enter IT

Letter IT

Finger IT


Saddle IT

Solder IT

Slather IT

Squash IT


Birth IT

Baste IT

Worry IT

Cover IT


Drink to IT

Tootle IT

Squint at IT

Mingle IT


Hum the IT

Tickle IT

Shout at IT

Noodle IT


Out the IT

Dust IT

Poke the IT

Leave IT


by C. Mehrl Bennett

July 1, 2017


T-shirt image viewJMB & MM purple background

Above photos are a thumbnail back view of shirt and a large image of the front of the shirt! The designs on this black vispo T-shirt are collaborations by Musicmaster and John M. Bennett, done by passing the image/words back and forth via snail mail – one of the collaborative processes often used in MAIL ART.

Zazzle Site Source: Collaborative Vispo T-Shirt

If you wonder what all the fuss is about MAIL ART, let Musicmaster (aka Thomas M. Cassidy of Minneapolis, MN) fill you in during this video interview:

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Remnants from one of my Fluxfest Chicago event scores (Fluxfest Chicago is an annual event organized by Keith Buchholz)- rearranged in various compositions on one of the glass block lights in the floor of the Rotunda Room at the Chicago Cultural Center, Friday May 27, 2016.

The original performance score happened in a gallery on Staten Island NY many years ago. I wore a fabric belt – same material as my shirt – took it off and swirled it into a spiral on the floor – then cut it up with grid-like cross cuts and offered the pieces to the audience. This was during NYC Fluxfest (2011), organized by Keith Buchholz, with additional Staten Island events organized by Mary Campbell and Viv Dey Dada.

At the Chicago Cultural Center event, I wore a long black scarf with gold metallic dots on it around my waste over a black T-shirt. Again, I swirled the material into a spiral then cut it up, but this time I wanted to incorporate the glass block floor light instead of sharing with the audience. I made one arrangement and called it the end of the event, and then a break was called. While everyone else went to an adjoining room, I took the opportunity to rearrange pieces into various compositions, documenting with a photo each time.

19MailArtMinneDaDa84 2016Tom Cassidy will be sending out documentation to all the mailart pARTicipants, but in the meantime, I can show you the photos I took on Day One of MinneDaDa1984 at Eat My Words Bookstore. Click on an image to view large. Ryosuke Cohen, of the famous 30+ year old BRAIN CELL project, was in attendance at MinneDaDa84!! I even got to sit for a bust version portrait by Ryosuke on Day Two of MinneDada84 at The Black Forrest Inn banquet room. A full body portrait of Ryosuke and a notebook of Tom Cassidy’s collected Brain Cells was displayed during an interview of Ryosuke on Day Three at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA). More of my MinneDada84 photos are at: MY FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUM or at MY FLICKR MINNEDADA84 ALBUM, though these don’t represent but a fraction of all the performance events, films, and PEOPLE of the event.