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For the past year I’ve mostly posted small, hand-made accordian books at my Etsy website, and have sold out of all but one of them. Recently, I had an itch to make earrings since I’d been accumulating some interesting beads, including skull beads. The Facebook response to a photo with those skull earrings, including a link to my Etsy site, made me realize there might be a niche market for skull bead jewelry. Who knew? So I’ve posted two more styles of skull earrings (both have options for variations) to my Etsy site. But then again, it might just be a fluke.
Still, just in case someone reading this blog post wants to check out my Etsy site, where I’ve included detailed descriptions of the earring materials, you can go to:

I’m going to post an image of a recent perforated sheet of artistamps I made because it also involves SKULLS. (I’ll even post it for sale at my Etsy site, Elliott Jenkins… HA!) NOTE: The “O cents” refers to “non-sense”…

2017 ADDENDUM: All skull earrings were sold! Artistamp sheets did NOT SELL so I took them off of the Etsy site. I continue to create artistamp editions which I send out as mailart. I give one signed copy of every edition of my small handmade books and artistamps to John M. Bennett for OSU Avant Writing Collection. I also send a signed copy of (most) editions to Ginna Lotta Post Artistamp Museum & Archive in Jupiter, FL. A blog that documents all the artistamps Ginny Lloyd receives from the international mailart network is here: Ginna Lotta Post Artistamp Museum

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This series of images was used for a small inkjet printed accordian book which is about 2.20″ x 2.50″ folded. Some of the materials and processes I used to create it are presented in a section of this slide show. I have had a few of these glyphs made into rubber stamps to use in my correspondence art. CLICK HERE for a closer look at my rubber stamp designs that grew out of this process of drawing/writing my picto glyphs.

(Click on image to view LARGE)

THANKS to Darlene Altshul for printing and perforating this limited edition of four stampsheets – 25 of each design – which developed from our recent bookwork:

THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS), published by Luna Bisonte Prods. CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW .. See my previous entry on this blog for Sheila E. Murphy’s kind review.  Both Marilyn R Rosenberg and I have added our Jane Hancock to the numbered stampsheets, and I’ve posted the stampsheet sets (4 designs) for sale along with a signed copy of our book at  Just click on the “NEW LUNA BISONTE PRODS” link & page back a few pages. The first five sets [4 stampsheet designs,signed and numbered limited edition AND the signed BOOK OF SOLES (Souls)] are offered at only $24, then the price will increase due to limited availability. We’ve kept back a couple sets to include in our shoebox book project, which is still ongoing.

The Book of Soles (Souls)

Here’s a great review by Sheila E. Murphy, famous poet laureate from Phoenix, AZ, about the full color collaborative book: THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS) by C. Mehrl Bennett  (Columbus Ohio) and Marilyn R. Rosenberg (New York City):

Philosophy can be so photogenic when multiplied by two. The Book of Soles begins with the points at which each of us meets earth unthinkingly, via matching soles. At once receiving and leaving impressions, indelible or ephemeral, CM Bennett and MR Rosenberg pair their brilliant visual and textual artistry to delivery a highly appealing, playfully intellectual testament to the power and poise of visual poetry. Having long admired both of these artists in her own right, I am delighted by this excursive, poetically engaging dazzle of twinned antennae venturing through foregrounds and backgrounds, simultaneously discovering the land and its companion sky. –  Sheila E. Murphy   March 31, 2011

The book is available via print on demand by clicking the title above, OR as a signed edition, accompanied by a variety of four perforated, signed and numbered, limited edition artists stamp sheets. Check out the NEW LUNA BISONTE PRODS link at … go through a couple pages to find it listed with a Paypal link for the “signed” stampsheets/book set.