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This series of images was used for a small inkjet printed accordian book which is about 2.20″ x 2.50″ folded. Some of the materials and processes I used to create it are presented in a section of this slide show. I have had a few of these glyphs made into rubber stamps to use in my correspondence art. CLICK HERE for a closer look at my rubber stamp designs that grew out of this process of drawing/writing my picto glyphs.


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INFO from MRR about ROLL BOOKS (See two slides, one with three roll books and one with black background):

Bookworks are part of the Roll Call Series shown together in their own box or outside of it, one work of visual poetry in three parts. Each works well on its own. Each book standing opens to a circle of 7” in diameter or opens as do trade  books. Each is one of a kind. Spiral bound, approximate 60 pages, each is 3 1/2”w x 3″h closed, made with color graphite, archival paper pages and covers, and some found objects.
Roll Book 1, 1993. Words split and are fragmented, images surprise, repel, and delight: Duality and comments are about our times.
Roll Book 2, 1993. Words are dissected, images merge with words. More comments on our lives.
Roll Book 3, 1994. Words split, images and words interact. An addendum to the other two parts.
Shown in Solo Exhibitions:
1999,  MRR, John Jay College Gallery, City University, New York, NY. Curators, Orlanda Brignola and Frank Gimpaya
1997, MRR, McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL. Curator, Sandra Lang.


TWO FALL, FALL TO, FALL TOO, FALL,  2002, one of a kind, closed 51/2”w x 8 “h, unfolds long thin  folded pages and then many torn ones, collage, gouache. Opens into many choices of configurations top to bottom and all open pages need to lean on a wall or on a stand or they fall. Destruction and fire are powerfully indicated. Painful progressive difficulties are clear. Two things happened on the same day at the same exact time. Documentation of global, national and personal loss; all those people in the twin towers in the city and the aged len in an eye in an operation in the country. Speechless, no words are included in this piece, although they usually are in my books. And if there were words which language could be used? This book has a peaceful beginning and a slowly raging progression that not only abstractly shows what happened, but also includes the emotional responses of living the experiences. The eye now  functions, as do the people in the city, changed.
Shown in 2002, Solo exhibition, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY. Curator: Melissa Hall.
2007, Solo exhibitions,MRR VISUAL POETRY/ARTISTS’ BOOKS, Chappaqua Library Gallery, Chappaqua NY. Curator: Larry D’Amico.
Shown in Group Exhibition:
2003, PRINTED AND BOUND, Peck Arts Center Gallery, Central Wyoming College, Riverton, WY. Curator, Nita Kehoe.
2003, WOMEN OF THE BOOK Purdue University Galleries, Lafayette IN. Curator, Judith Hoffberg.
2003 WORDS ON FIRE: WOMEN OF THE BOOK, Starr Gallery, Newton Center MA.
2005, WOMEN OF THE BOOK, Futernic Gallery, Alper Jewish Community Center, Miami,  FL. Curator: Judith Hoffberg.
2005, WOMEN OF THE BOOK, Rutgers University, Camden NJ. Curator: Judith Hoffberg.