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C. Mehrl Bennett squirrel greyed

Squirrels are like rats in that they forage and build nests

However, squirrels live in trees and rats are under foot

               But who am I to judge?


I am just another creature like a squirrel or a rat

We also forage and build out nests, fornicate

               and reproduce, nurture our offspring


As a mere creature of this larger universe

These overhead and underfoot beings

               seem AMAZING to me


Humans, all you seers and thinkers, doers and polluters

Stop and ask: What effect do we have on our environment?

               Left foot, Left an imprint so “what/where is Right?”


C. Mehrl Bennett 2017

Created for Connie Jean’s SQUIRREL MAILART CALL, which ended in 2017

Link to my Etsy site where you can view my accordian book titled: FOURTEEN PICTOGLYPH STORIES, created using a series of artistamps I made from the initial series of pictoglyphs, where some of these images originated.
Full discloser about TV CLUB image: My spouse, John M. Bennett, originated the phrase TV CLUB a few decades ago as a rubber stamp on flourescent orange stickers.

I have uploaded my jpegs at and ordered this set of rubber stamps to use on my mailart! The TV CLUB rubber stamp became a little gift to my husband on our 35th wedding anniversary.


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You just GOTTA believe!
(in Make Believe)

I wrote this poem in 2013 and recorded the audio then as well.
Originally I’d created a video using jpegs found online, but they were low resolution and didn’t quite say what I wanted to express. So now, (2014) I’ve drawn the illustrations instead, and remade the video. Enjoy!