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Dream de-interpretations are what John M. Bennett calls the poems which he improvises on the spot from short two to four word phrases that other people write down from their nocturnal dreams.

This year (June 2019) at Fluxfest Toronto during events taking place at The Sheldon Rose Gallery, I collected people’s short accounts of nocturnal dreams written on the back of small ticket stubs. Unfortunately, the ticket stubs got left behind in the gallery that night and were not available for the following day’s performance; but Allan Revich, this year’s coordinator of the festival, mailed the ticket stubs to me later. Finally, John and I sat down and recorded his dream de-interpretations based on those ticket stubs. Note that John did not read them before we began recording. Allow 5 minutes to listen to this audio clip at my Sound Cloud site:

The following link is to a video of a JMB performance which included Dream De-interpretations collected and performed in early July 2019 at the AfterMAF (Marginal Arts Fest) in Roanoke VA, an event we’ve been going to annually for about as long as we’ve been going to Fluxfests! (Approx. 10 years). Click at 32:20 minutes into the video for the start of Dream section, [Viewing time is under 10 minutes]:


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Remnants from one of my Fluxfest Chicago event scores (Fluxfest Chicago is an annual event organized by Keith Buchholz)- rearranged in various compositions on one of the glass block lights in the floor of the Rotunda Room at the Chicago Cultural Center, Friday May 27, 2016.

The original performance score happened in a gallery on Staten Island NY many years ago. I wore a fabric belt – same material as my shirt – took it off and swirled it into a spiral on the floor – then cut it up with grid-like cross cuts and offered the pieces to the audience. This was during NYC Fluxfest (2011), organized by Keith Buchholz, with additional Staten Island events organized by Mary Campbell and Viv Dey Dada.

At the Chicago Cultural Center event, I wore a long black scarf with gold metallic dots on it around my waste over a black T-shirt. Again, I swirled the material into a spiral then cut it up, but this time I wanted to incorporate the glass block floor light instead of sharing with the audience. I made one arrangement and called it the end of the event, and then a break was called. While everyone else went to an adjoining room, I took the opportunity to rearrange pieces into various compositions, documenting with a photo each time.

Fluxfest Chicago 2016 will be happening around and on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. What sort of performance scores would one might experience there?  Well, here is a good definition I found today via a Facebook post that referenced this wordpress site:

fluxus street theater.jpg

Photo and Maciunas quote below are from the INTRODUCTION post at

“Art-amusement must be simple, amusing, unpretentious, concerned with insignificances, require no skill or countless rehearsals, have no commodity or institutional value.” George Maciunas, Fluxus Manifesto (1965).

Here is a link to download a publication of fluxus scores that came mostly from participants at the 2014 Chicago Fluxfest – kindly assembled, edited, and produced by Mary Campbell, with some contributions from the art community that gathers annually at this event.

For more information on Fluxfest Chicago as it becomes available, look for the Fluxfest Chicago page on Facebook.

Click on above link to view video FOOT AGES . . . my own incomplete video documentation of the 2013 Chicago events.

Below is a slideshow of photos I took, with a couple photos of my own performances taken by John M. Bennett and others.

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Below are cinquains written collaboratively by seven of us on Saturday, Feb. 22nd, as we waited after fluxfest at Mana gallery for the taXies that never arrived.

Two hats

two two hat hats

winter knits and warm scarves

groby cesspool antiquainted

pull on



I don’t know what to say

Today but tomorrow will be

Not there

Two Cabs

taking their time

Reaching out for retching


Sick foot


Do Lepli Do

in the garden of E

dissolved phantasm heal, heal, heal

free zinc


hammer sidewalk




Hemmed mess

Stinking taxi


dope mouth bleeding off the broke dock

SO-SO —–

Authored by Moan Lisa, Reed Altemus, Allan Revich, John M. Bennett, Robert Saunders, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, and C. Mehrl Bennett (Addendum: Though we were tired and hungry and it was a very cold winter night in Chicago, we finally got up and walked to the bus stop . . .)

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Photos taken by Jokie X. Wilson at the Dorchester Projects, Chicago IL, Fluxfest 2/22/13

These cinquains are written by different persons composing each of the five lines (except for the very last one). I directed people as to how many syllables the next line needed to be (2-4-6-8-2). All were able to read any preceding lines that had already been written for the cinquain. The first cinquain was composed as part of a Fluxus communion ritual that I presided over as priestess at The Cultural Arts Center for Chicago Fluxfest on 2/23/2013. The score was called “A Penny for Your Thoughts”:

Where are
ka ge da poo
du ne three four nine six
wine pizza hat fun Chicago

The following cinquains were composed collaboratively in a more relaxed, ongoing manner of passing the book around to whoever happened to be nearby. These were all written the following day at 6018 North gallery:

Jokie Wilson, Jonathan Leiter, Jonathan Stangroom, Keith Buchholz, Jennifer Weigel wrote:

two what?
four syllables?
I don’t know what to say.
It ate my dog. It spit it out.
Ka bo

The same people wrote the following, though Andrew Oleksiuk stood in for Jonathan Stangroom:

Nid Bn
Under the oak
El Ka Ze Doo Fah Bum
I’m not going to help with that
Um Gee

The next was written by John Bennett, Svetlana Psetskaya& Виктория Барвенко, Viv de DaDa, Mary Campbell, and Tricia Van Eck:

Sulg Fset
From Russia with love
Da de Da Viv Mar C
are it feel can do some more too

I failed to record the author names for each of the following three cinquains, though I know Kelly Courtney, Bernd Reichert & Claudia, and I may have contributed in addition to previously mentioned authors:

La Mer
O Ki do Ki
Les i-dylles ro-man-tiques
Les feuilles desparues de matête

Sh meant
Imagine Peace
Body food and waste – Poop!
My soup link falling off your hat

Sun(g) Song (translation of Svetlana’s Psetskaya’s Colo svet/(s)olo svet)
morning kiss da
You are totally blank
Spa geh tea and meat balls holy

The following cinquain was written by Jennifer Weigel, Kelly Courtney, Chuck Wilbur, Patrick Lichty, and Michelle Pressler:

Boy grrr
Umm just one Umm
Da Da da da da DA!
Remember The Eyes I Sent You?
da Da

Finally, here is the last cinquain recorded in my book that day, written by just John M. Bennett and me:

The bell
Gland drizzling out
On a greasy bongo
floating far out on the drunk bay

On the 50th anniversary (6/16/12) of Nam June Paik’s “One for Violin Solo”,
C. Mehrl Bennett re-enacted Paik’s fluxus score and posted it online at:
The smashed violin was reglued (as suggested by Mark Bloch) before the 2013 Chicago Fluxfest
for an ENCORE performance with the same instrument. (See photos below)

Photos by John M. Bennett taken at the Dorchester Projects on 2/22/13:

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Photos by Adamandia Kapsilis

Click image to view large.

At left: Composite of photos by Adamandia Kapsalis of the event.