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Posted: July 1, 2017 in poetry, Uncategorized
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String IT

Enter IT

Letter IT

Finger IT


Saddle IT

Solder IT

Slather IT

Squash IT


Birth IT

Baste IT

Worry IT

Cover IT


Drink to IT

Tootle IT

Squint at IT

Mingle IT


Hum the IT

Tickle IT

Shout at IT

Noodle IT


Out the IT

Dust IT

Poke the IT

Leave IT


by C. Mehrl Bennett

July 1, 2017



My Past

Posted: July 8, 2010 in fluxus, poetry
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Note: This list was typed onto Adding Tape, wound onto a spool, and mailed to South America for a mail-art exhibit on April 30, 1983:

My car

My house

My job

My art

My mail

My food

My clothes

My husband

My art

My songs

My sleep

My memory

My glasses

My poetry

My bread

My gas

My ass

My permanent

My piano

My dishes

My work

My hearing

My walking

My touch

My friends

My Falcon

My junk

My room

My chair

My mother

My neighbor

My films

My scissors

My books

My future

My initial

My art

My letter

My feelings

My age

My doctor

My cunt

My pillow

My type

My cleaning

My city

My coffee

My sewing

My hair

My weekend

My money

My stepson

My sisters

My floor

My fingers

My bank

My vacation

My body

My husband

My voice

My street

My coat

My laundry

My stamps

My glue

My tires

My words

My dusting

My visits

My shopping

My savings

My house

My baking

My postcards

My friends

My reading

My brothers

My ring

My rugs

My thread

My pants

My yard

My door

My music

My husband

My dinner

My face

My hangers

My telephone

My answers

My costume

My dancing

My job

My sleep

My robe

My pen

My bending

My aches

My feelings

My sky

My ears

My feet

My chair

My morning

My car

My garbage

My painting

My father

C Mehrl Bennett

(Photo of me taken by my father October 1966)

Ross Priddle Phrases Alphabetized C Mehrl Bennett Responses Alphabetized
A girl riding an innertube “a girl riding an inner tube”
A little electronic response A device for deja’vue
A lonely party, still make a contribution A paycheck
Actual colour or words representing colour Collaborate with Ross
Add love and pass on Confusion in the cock pit
All of these texts could explode Copyright infringement
Art yourself to death Crack rhymes with fact
As if one was doing nothing Create characters in situations
Business mixed with pleasure Dangling seat belts from car roof
Copy for use Death and taxes
Did we see the end coming Death from old age
Doing something that involves no screen Feel alive or visualize life
Face the ugly reality Finger falls from hand
Fooling around inside your head Flood the gates
Have you no telecommunication device His story
How many times over the same texts Into the clear blue yonder
If this is the one then where is the other Lake this poem
Just read the first phrase Listen to the rain
Massive debt to society Live and die
Nothing special made it break Loss of job or spouse
Now we are thrown Make it play instead of drudgery
Off Off Off Never alone if able to share
One of those ells must be a tee Open your mind to find beauty
Poetry is not crack Pay your respects
Really finding the breaking point Prioritize for art
Ride all the way over there twice Remember your dream?
Send your whole self Seeks an audience
The floating penny Send a valentine
The presence of one Skirt holding tight to her nylons
The way the glue pulls The final question
Thinking about the situation thru paper The world will end soon per the Mayan calendar
This is a knife in my heart Thinking in rhyme
We were there now we are here This is a spork
What were you doing when you were sleeping Unplugged


Who has time to do all this writing View the imbedded screen
Why not just let the texts rest Zen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

 Collaboration by C Mehrl Bennett and Ross Priddle from January 2009

The original lists by both authors were unalphebetized; Ross Priddle’s list came first, and CMB’s list was composed as a response to each item in Priddle’s list, then both lists were reordered alphebetically.