Last week I carved a rubber stamp of my rondo design which is great for printing on the back of mail art envelopes, Add & Pass books and etc. Below is my rondo image – it shows a mother & child, but also other images from Mother Nature. It’s meant to be an abstracted, organic, fluid pattern. Today I took the vectorized design, which is just a smoother edged image, and applied it to products sold by a website called Red Bubble, where the image is repeated in a pattern on some of the available products. I earn a small percentage of the money they make selling these products with my design on them. You can view other designs for Red Bubble at that website as well.

Click here for my Red Bubble site, then on the rondo image for more.

Carved rubberstamp image with my hand lettered quote.


Key Vibe: Local Bar in Dayton

Character: Text Lance Janice

Limited Bean Bag Range

One Hundred Ants

Jamming the Hall


Key Vibe: Sex Tense Buffalo

Character: Tic Tack Jack

Enabler Dead from Suicide

Impatient adolescents

Seek Peach Protector


Key Vibe: Traffic Attack

Character: Leader Lake Joan

ICE Lights a Fire

Limited Beds and Hours

Memorial Tourism


Key Vibe: Nude Bat Cube

Character: Plastic Bobby Pen

Migraine Policy Spittle

Forward Backstop

Walmart Bed Addiction


Key Vibe: Woodstock Memo

Character: Exhausted Hippy

Shed Flex Mop

Amazing Graze Mass

Pause Bone Shot


Key Vibe: Bump Stock Book

Character: Loop Tour John

Custom Lap Feel

Board a Bowler

Cancelled Logo


Key Vibe: kNocks News Next

Character: Twin Flat Florence

Match Book Poems

Seven Sieve Channel

Double Word Flaunt

C. Mehrl Bennett –  8/12/2019

Dream de-interpretations are what John M. Bennett calls the poems which he improvises on the spot from short two to four word phrases that other people write down from their nocturnal dreams.

This year (June 2019) at Fluxfest Toronto during events taking place at The Sheldon Rose Gallery, I collected people’s short accounts of nocturnal dreams written on the back of small ticket stubs. Unfortunately, the ticket stubs got left behind in the gallery that night and were not available for the following day’s performance; but Allan Revich, this year’s coordinator of the festival, mailed the ticket stubs to me later. Finally, John and I sat down and recorded his dream de-interpretations based on those ticket stubs. Note that John did not read them before we began recording. Allow 5 minutes to listen to this audio clip at my Sound Cloud site:

The following link is to a video of a JMB performance which included Dream De-interpretations collected and performed in early July 2019 at the AfterMAF (Marginal Arts Fest) in Roanoke VA, an event we’ve been going to annually for about as long as we’ve been going to Fluxfests! (Approx. 10 years). Click at 32:20 minutes into the video for the start of Dream section, [Viewing time is under 10 minutes]:

TWILIGHT CANTOS is a newly published book of poetry by Iván Argüelles, a poet from Berkeley CA. This marks the tenth book of his published by Luna Bisonte Prods since 2011 via the Lulu P.O.D. website.

Preview the beginning of the book at this direct link to Twilight Cantos

AFTERWORD to Twilight Cantos – written by Jack Foley

If—as Ivá­­­n Argüelles is doing—you publish a book at the age of eighty, you must be prepared for the possibility that it will be your last book, especially if you have experienced death at close hand in the form of a son and a twin brother who have—there is no better word—“gone.” “I have borne much,” writes this poet, “and for this have come to know / the archaic gods not in night dark / or in dreams but in broad noon-light.” Twilight Cantos. But this does not mean a diminishment in power. The actor James Cagney once remarked of George M. Cohan, whom he portrayed, “The creative drive was so strong in him, it must have given him no rest.” As we age, we discover that death is simultaneously a terror and an opener. It is the great secret that is withheld from youth. From the beautiful, askew opening line of this book, “as much are the years gone now as snow,” to the profound concluding speculations—“Is the world made in the shape of language?”; “A lifelong search for sound in meaning”—Twilight Cantos reaches into a darkness few books, few films, few songs, few symphonies, few paintings—few artists—even recognize. Argüelles has always been a powerhouse, but there is a lifetime singing in every line of this book:

 just so my body waking still another day full
conscious of emanations of light from the depths
and a scholastic philosophy hidden in the rose
will speak to the error and maze of taking steps
marble on one side and perforated sandstone
on the other where the goddess has grazed her heel

The one good thing that can be said about death is that it strengthens the will to live. You will find that will in all its linguistic glory on every page of Twilight Cantos.

Poetry by Iván Argüelles published by Luna Bisonte Prods:








FIAT LUX [2014]



All these books are available at:

3 Word Poems

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poem by cmbInteresting story about the center line of this poem: I stole it from my doctor’s office during my annual “wellness” exam. As I’m now 65, they gave me a memory test, asking me to remember those three words. After I performed a directed “activity” with pencil and paper, I was to recite those three words from memory. Now I ask you, who would NOT remember SUNSET BANANA CHAIR ? !! It’s a perfect 3 word poem.

I took an acrylic paper marbling workshop and later found all these shapes within one of the sheets I'd made. The background is stamped ink patterns that I made by rolling textured beads on the stamp pad & then in lines onto the paper. I had made the beads years ago but had never used them to make jewelry. - C. Mehrl Bennett
BIRD LINGO artistamp design by C. Mehrl Bennett printed on preperforated stamp sheets from Pedro Pescador, of Black Rock City Post Office, 2019

Little book edition from my marbled critters project. This begins with an 8″x8″ inkjet print of nine scanned images (there are about a dozen total, cut from one sheet of marbled paper). Once I spray with clear acrylic/UV protectant & make strategic cuts, it will fold into a 2.55″ x 2.55″ booklet. If I unfold it at the center it will mail nicely in a first class envelope.

I Am Not A Tooth

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I am not a TOOTH
You are not WE
WE are not A TOOTH but
What are TRUTHS?
THIS is not THAT
WHICH is THAT witch
Which remains INSIDE
What are TRUTHS?
THIS is what YOU WE I 
Wake up thinking at 
5:30 in the morning.
C. Mehrl Bennett 2015